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Central Reservation System
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Co-coordinating the sales activity of multiple properties is a difficult task and synchronizing your PMS can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

At the Growth Business Solutions, we have worked with Ubiq and we have innovated a whole new collaborative central reservation solution, designed to relieve admin time whilst ensuring every sales opportunity is exploited.---

As part of the uniquely integrated Window platform, our Central Reservation System incorporates all aspects of your group’s sales process in a single, feature rich, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from any location, at any time.

The superior technology brings a whole new dimension to Central Reservation Systems and ensures every bit of information is fed automatically into your Property Management System

With an unrivalled ability to up-sell and cross-sell across the group, centralised real-time rate management, increased average rates & yield and the power to increase sales conversions, Ubiq’s Central Reservation System provides group hotels with a dedicated, effective system to manage a difficult business process.

Fully underpinned by our Singapore and local technical support team and a dedicated project management team, we go the extra mile to ensure you maximise our technologically superior software.

Unlike traditional Central Reservation Systems, Ubiq’s solution promises to:

  • provide an easy and comprehensive visual of group availability
  • simplify multiple bookings for different rates and hotels
  • substantially increase speed of booking
  • give you a "points of interest" search facility
  • provide "trough day" prompts
  • deliver centralised marketing, intelligence and reporting
  • automate deposit handling
  • ensure PCI compliance
  • remove the need for on-site servers and maintenance
  • provide complete integration with PMS and channel management system
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