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Smart Book ERP
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The ERP SmartbookTM, is our own software product, has been developing since 2003. It supports both desktop network-based and intranet/internet web-based application. The ERP SmartbooksTM had the certification of copyright registration conferred by The Copyright Office of Vietnam belong to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on October 15th, 2008 for the desktop network-based version and on November 06th , 2013 for the web-based version. ---

·       The ERP SmartbookTM which is pioneering the latest generation of enterprise software through the use of Microsoft’s .NET technology is to provide almost ERP modules such as Financial Accounting (GL, AP, AR, Cash, Inventory, Tax Invoice), Costing, Fixed Assets, HR-Timekeeping-Payroll, Logistics & Supply Chain Management (still developing) .  Specially, the system has been developing as more open-able as possible to enable IT system to deliver greater value and aligning specifications to business needs.

·         The designs of the ERP SmartbookTM are user-friendly, full security facilities to control access to data and processing at each terminal/browser, easy to use, multi-currency and multi-language supports with several of meaningful management reports beside the integrated 150 standard accounting reports. The languages are currently supported are Vietnamese, English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified PRC Chinese, and Khmer Cambodia.

·         The ERP SmartbooksTM has also been designing automatically receives transaction data generated from other applications without manual intervention. Similarly, the ERP SmartbookTM would automatically pass data to other systems for display or further use. These facilities provide the option for selected review of data before acceptance and conversion to new record formats. In short, The ERP SmartbookTM that has standard import/export facilities to databases would interface quickly with other systems for implementation.    

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