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Our products are developed by the World class technology companies and recognised by the global business associations and implemented by thousands of hotels and companies around the world. With our well-trained professional technicians, our products become more functional on every area of business. 

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Hotel TV System also called IPTV is a creative solution designed for hotels to gain extra benefits. The following benefits shall be obtained from IPTV functionality:
  • The hotel revenue will be boosting through in-house promotion which put on alert to all in-house guests who are on TV screen. Guests can order a promotional item by pressing simple TV remote button. Ordering information will flow to concern POS for order processing.
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Hotel Bookings today are driven by a whole suite of online travel web sites as well as hotel booking
sites which enable the customer to book a room for their travel. Unlike the old days where hotel
bookings were done primarily via the phone, this has today evolved to the world wide web and
online bookings. Ubicomp has develop a next-generation booking engine which allows hotels to
publish inventory onto the web for online bookings with both B2B and B2C capabilities.
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The need to provide a more personal touch for Guests in hotels is becoming a necessity and this permeates across the whole organization at all points of Guest contact. Hence, the process starts with the Guest makes the first call or the first booking via the online world and subsequently follows through with the arrival at the hotel.
Ubicomp, having recognized this trend, has embarked on developing an iPad application for hotels which can allow a new check-in experience for Guests …. The QikPAD© ! This will be available by December 2011 for deployment within hotels as part of the QIKINN© suite of products. The benefit of the QIKINN© platform is that the QikPAD© will be able to link to any PMS system via the currently available HTNG interface or other more proprietary interfaces which could be developed for specific systems.

 • Using iPad for registering and Check-in a guest
 • Ability to capture signature and photo and save as PDF
 • Ability to enquire by Arrival, Departure and Check-Out guest
 • Concierge Module using location based system on Google Map

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Co-coordinating the sales activity of multiple properties is a difficult task and synchronizing your PMS can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

At the Growth Business Solutions, we have worked with Ubiq and we have innovated a whole new collaborative central reservation solution, designed to relieve admin time whilst ensuring every sales opportunity is exploited.

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Touche is a robust point of sale solution that has been developed specifically for demanding hospitality environments, with the added benefit of mobility for bars and restaurants. Designed to streamline sales across your hotel(s), the advanced Touche allows staff to quickly and easily process sales.

As a sophisticated, intuitive, touch-screen point of sales system, UbiQ’s Touche integrates seamlessly into  Property Management System, WishNet or Wish Express to provide you with an automated solution to help safeguard and manage your sales revenue sources.

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Organizations today generate so much data which is stored on their computer servers and other PC across the organization, very often in totally different locales and more often, not integrated in any way. Data is often not shared and redundant data lies all across the organization. In managing a business, this data is very valuable but more often than not, organizations rely on reports which have been manually prepared by the staff, extracting data from different sources. The problems with such data are many fold but the most important considerations would be:
- The information is not current as time is required to extract data from different sources and compile into management reports
- The accuracy of the information is questionable
- The ability to dissect the information into relevant views which are required for a particular decision making process becomes challenging
- Comparison against past data is challenging and more often than not, may not be accurate and complete.
Ubicomp, recognizing the need for management information within the industry, embarked on developing a Business Intelligence solution for hotels - QIKINN© Results.
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The most notable features of the WISH NET are its innovative use interface and the depth it’s functionalities.

Familiar graphics have been use in Window Environment to make usage initiative. For example, the customer database is presented as a diary while the front office cashier screen looks and works like a cash register. Each screen is packed with features to reduce the number of forms the users navigates to perform their duties . The WISH NET is designed to reduce training cost and to make uses more productive.

WISH NET features include everything that you look for and may find in a best-of-class front office software for hotels. And some features that you not find in any other software. For example, on-line guest history duplication reservations search while taking a new reservation, build-in customer contact management functions, cross-tabulated statistics for advanced business analysis, etc.

WISH NET is proven in busy business hotels and luxury resorts. A reduce version of WISH branded as pWISH is in use in limited service hotels and service apartments. No matter what your hotel’s business, we are sure, WISH NET will suit for you
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Hotels spend a lot of time and money in contacting their customers via emails and the biggest challenge has been to be able to maintain a clean and concise database as well having the ability to easily mine the database and send out promotion mailers! This problem is compounded by the slew of disparate systems in hotels and as such, multiple databases.
Ubicomp has now developed a service which allows hotels to upload their mailing lists to the QIKMail © system, design their templates and send out mails to their clients easily and effectively. By being able to design nicely formatted html documents, the appeal of the mail is much more than normal text based emails which are sent out.
The QIKMail © system will also allow the Hotel to maintain an online database of all their clients as well as being able to benefit from other services provided by the QIKinn© suite of solutions.
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